Welcome to A Twisted Yarn!

Silver cowl and elbow gloves

We are a small crafting/merchandising business selling primarily at in-person events like anime conventions, renaissance festivals and craft shows.  We have a variety of items for different types of events, so you may see items here that you didn't see at our table or booth!

Many of our items are handmade and keeping up a decent inventory takes pretty much all of our time. We do special orders as time allows but not on short notice, generally. Some of the stock we need to make items (like scales and claws) have long lead times as well so if we don't have what we need on hand, it could take longer than just the time for making. 

That said, we love to fill special orders whenever possible! Knowing our items are going to people who love them is a real mood booster so feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.